1. Le Vieux Monastère – General terms and conditions

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Business Name : Le Vieux Monastere

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Le Vieux Monastère – Terms And Conditions Of Booking

This document contains the general conditions relating to the reservation of a property belonging to the Owner as defined below. In the event of any conflict between the terms below and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall prevail.


The Owner designates the Owner of the Le Vieux Monastère site located at 15 rue Saint martin 17770 St Hilaire de Villefranche (the “Property”).


The Customer designates the tenant of one or more of the 7 Cottages and/or Common Areas located on the Property and has set up a rental Agreement with the Owner (the “Agreement”). Companions mean the person(s) occupying the accommodation with the Customer within the limit of the maximum capacities of each rented Cottage.

Security deposit

The payment of the security deposit must be included when paying the final balance or in the event of a reservation via a third party at the latest on the day of arrival (in this case in cash). This will be cashed. The security deposit will be returned, less any amounts, within 1 month of departure, in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.

The Tourist Tax of 1.21 euro per adult per night must be paid at the same time as the payment of the balance of the Agreement or, subject to the Owner’s agreement, before the day of departure. Only payment in cash will be accepted on the day of departure and the exact amount must be paid by the Customer, no money will be returned. It is the Customer’s responsibility to declare the exact number of adults and children during the stay, he will be solely responsible for any breach of this obligation or for the provision of incorrect information.
Police form 
All Customers or their non-French Companions are required by law to complete a police form and provide it to the Owner at the latest before the day of their arrival (model for reference in appendix 2). The Customer will be solely responsible for any breach of this obligation or for the provision of incorrect information.

The maximum occupancy of Cottages given below must not be exceeded, and infants and children must be included when stating the number of Companions in the group. The Customer may request the Owner for additional non-resident guests to be admitted temporarily on-site. Acceptance of such a request is at the Owner’s discretion and may be subject to additional charges. For the Common Areas, a maximum of 50 people is allowed and cannot be exceeded without the Owner’s written consent.


The inventory of the Property must be checked upon arrival and any damaged or missing items must be reported immediately to the Owner.

The inventory will be deemed accepted by the Customer if no anomaly is reported to the Owner on the day of arrival. All items damaged or lost during the Guest’s stay must be recorded and reported to the Owner on or before departure. Any item not listed on the inventory but present when taking the premises will be deemed added and present in the inventory including extra items such as video projector, speakers, microphone or other items in the common areas. The Owner reserves the right to invoice the Customer for any damaged or missing items. These will be deducted from the security deposit at their replacement value notwithstanding any obsolescence. If the costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the Customer remains liable for the overrun. It is forbidden to mix the elements between Cottages except with the agreement of the Owner. 


The Customer is strongly advised to take out a comprehensive travel or resort insurance policy (including cancellation cover) at the time of booking. This should include full coverage for the Customer and their Companions. In case of reservation of all the Cottages, an insurance certificate must be provided to the Owner.

Arrival and departure times
The rental period begins at 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends no later than 10 a.m. on the day of departure unless agreed in writing by the Owner. Customers cannot be accommodated before 4 p.m. on the day of arrival without the written agreement of the Owner. Arrivals must be before 8 p.m. and departures after 7 a.m. unless otherwise agreed by the Owner. The Customer must notify the Owner at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure and arrival times, it is understood that the Owner may impose an adjustment of the departure/arrival time in the event of multiple departures/arrivals at the same time. Any departure without verification of the inventory with the Owner will entitle the Owner to carry out the inventory of fixtures alone and to deduct from the deposit any damage found, without this releasing the Customer from his liability in the event of damage. higher than the deposit.

The rental includes the use of the Property, the applicable Common Areas, linen provided on arrival if applicable, and a reasonable amount of water and electricity (see related article).

Festive activities

The Customer agrees to be a considerate tenant and ensures that neither he nor any member of his group, his Companions, causes any inconvenience to others, including the Owner in any way whatsoever. No celebrations, parties etc. are permitted without the prior written consent of the Owner.


The Cottages refer to the following 7 Cottages with their following maximum capacity. Under no circumstances can a cottage contain more than 15 people:

Ile de Ré (former Matisse) 4 pax

Fouras (former Toulouse Lautrec)6 pax

Venice (former VerteDegas) 8 pax

Royan (former Monet) 6 pax

La Rochelle (former Renoir) 8 pax

Angoulême (former Gauguin) 4 pax

Cognac (former Cezanne) 4 pax

The rest of the Property is made up of Private Areas and Common Areas.


The Common Areas are composed of:

The swimming pool

The reception room

The garden

The playground

The games room

The entrance

Garbage area

The Owner may limit at any time without notice and at his sole discretion, completely or partially, or subject to conditions, access to the Common Areas (example: access times, or access to certain people in the event of non-compliance with the equipment of the Common Areas).

The Customer must tidy up and clean the Common Areas after each use. Any business left in the common areas may be picked up by the Owner and returned at the Customer’s request. The Customer undertakes not to bring any items from the Cottages into the Common Areas, except for plastic dishes. For reservations including all of the Cottages, crockery dedicated to the Common Areas may be provided by the Owner on request and subject to availability.

Private Parts

All the parts not included in the Common Parts or Cottages constitute the private parts for the exclusive use of the Owner. Access by the Customer is strictly prohibited.


The Customer is not permitted to sublet the Property.

Linen and cleaning products Bed

linen and towels (one bath towel per person) will be provided at the start of occupancy if the option has been chosen by the Customer. Towels must not be removed from the Property or the Cottage at any time. If the Customer requests a change of bed linen in the middle of the stay, this will be payable.

The use of bath towels at the swimming pool is prohibited.

If the Customer has not subscribed to the house linen option, the Customer has the obligation to bring all the household linen for himself and his Companions, it is strictly forbidden to sleep on the sofas or on the beds without sheets.

The rental does not include toiletries (soap, etc.), cleaning products, washing-up liquid or detergent, which are the Customer’s responsibility. 


No pets are permitted on the Property or on the grounds without the prior written consent of the Owner.


is prohibited inside the Property or in the common areas except in a location designated by the Owner. No cigarette butts will be tolerated on the Property or the car parks.

Caravans and tents

Caravans, motorhomes or tents are not permitted anywhere on the grounds or parking lots.


Free on-site parking is available in designated areas for a maximum of 2 vehicles per Cottage booked. Vehicles must be parked in this outdoor car park on the field side and must not exceed the corner of the Property in order to allow the maneuvering of parked vehicles. The keys to your Cottage include a key for the side pedestrian access which constitutes the Entrance.

Swimming Pool

Pool rules must be observed at all times

The pool measures 12m x 6m and is heated at the discretion of the Owner from 31 May to 30 September, and may be heated outside of this period subject to weather conditions. The pool is fenced and complies with French safety standards. The Owner reserves the right to temporarily suspend the use of the swimming pool in order to carry out maintenance.

Data Privacy

In accordance with the regulations on private data, you can request access to your information by contacting

During your stay, photos or videos may be taken by the video surveillance system for your safety and the integrity of the Property in the common areas. Unless breached herein, or requested by the competent authorities, the recordings will be deleted within a reasonable time.

Photos and videos for commercial purposes (website, social networks, advertising, etc.) may also be taken with your consent.


No minor without major legal representative will be accepted on the site.


While every effort has been made to ensure that our information is accurate, the Owner shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in any advertising or marketing materials, including information contained on the Owner’s website. The photos contained therein are not contractual and for illustration only.

Garbage room

The garbage cans are located in front of the swimming pool. Please ensure that all your rubbish is placed in suitable bin bags brought by you (not supermarket carrier bags) and securely tied before placing it in the bins. Recycling bags are available under the sink of your Cottage. It is forbidden to introduce non-recyclable elements. Similarly, glass waste (bottles etc.) must be brought in a container outside the Property. The closest is opposite the Town Hall. Please empty the ashes from the barbecue into your garbage bags.

Septic tank

The site is not connected to mains drainage but has its own drainage system. The trouble-free operation of this system depends on a few simple rules. Please do not place any items in the toilet except toilet paper. Bins are provided in all bathrooms. Bleach should not be used in sinks, washbasins or toilets. 


Please close the umbrellas in place after use, especially at night.

Please ensure that window shutters are hooked open or closed at all times to prevent them from breaking down with the wind.

Access restrictions

The Private Parts are strictly forbidden to access (house, adjacent terrace, courtyard, garden and annex, the easternmost barn, the bread oven as well as the workshop in front of the swimming pool, and the one on the terrace).

Electric cars

It is forbidden to charge electric vehicles without the prior consent of the Owner. Additional charges may apply.

Pests Insects/Animals 

Rural location inevitably means insects from time to time. Following waste disposal rules and not leaving food nearby will help keep insects and other unwanted guests away! Keeping your windows open with the lights on will undoubtedly attract insects including mosquitoes. We suggest keeping windows open and shutters closed after dark is the best compromise between heat and bugs.


Please return all toys/games to the playroom after use to allow other Guests to use them.

The swings are intended for children under 5 years old for those in the interior courtyard and under 12 years old for the outdoor play area. The trampoline only supports one person at a time with a maximum weight of 90kg. 

Users are required to verify the integrity of structures before using them. We would not be held responsible for any damage suffered during their use. Children must remain under the supervision of their parents at all times.


The cleaning of the Cottage(s) rented by the Customer is entirely his responsibility throughout the duration of the stay. The Customer undertakes to return the rented property in the same condition as he received it, which includes without limitation the cleaning of floors, kitchens (ovens, fridge, clean and tidy dishes, etc.), toilets and showers with appropriate products (bleach prohibited), mirror and windows, emptied bins (even in the bathrooms) etc. 

In the event of an option for the end-of-stay cleaning package, the Customer must leave the premises in a reasonable state. In all cases, any hour of additional cleaning required to restore the Cottage to its original state in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this article will be invoiced at €30 per hour by the Owner in good faith. 

Ecology (waste/water/electricity)

In order to respect the environment, we ask our Customers to respect the following measures.


Waste must be sorted, it is the Customer’s responsibility to provide an appropriate garbage bag for household waste, it is forbidden to throw away waste without a bag, or in plastic/paper bags. Recyclable waste (cardboard, paper, packaging, plastics) must be put in a yellow bag provided by the Owner and placed in the large container of the Garbage Room. Glass waste must be disposed of in a public container outside the Property.


Please check that the taps are closed so as not to let the water run unnecessarily. The water is heated every evening with variable capacities depending on the capacity of each Cottage. It is forbidden to modify the frequency of water heating without the agreement of the Owner. Reasonable use of water is included in the rental price, any misuse/negligence will incur additional charges.


Please turn off electrical appliances (hob, lamps, etc.) when not in use. It is forbidden to connect additional devices other than those provided that may disrupt the network (air conditioning, electric car, oven, sound system, etc.) without the Owner’s consent (additional charges may apply).

Reasonable use of electricity is included in the rental amount, any misuse/negligence will incur additional charges.


Heating will only be on from November 1st to March 31st. It is forbidden for the Customer to modify the heating outside these periods. Any breach will automatically result in reasonable additional costs determined by the Owner at its sole discretion. The same applies if the Customer keeps the heating on unnecessarily (temperature above 19°; window open for a long time, etc.)

Household linen

The Customer may request to have household linen provided for his stay (sheets and/or bath towels). In this case, the household linen will be made available to him in his/her Cottage(s). If the Customer requests to have the beds made upon arrival, he must make the prior request to the Owner, who may accept the request at his sole discretion, additional charges may then apply.

The towels thus provided must not be used outside the Cottage, nor even at the swimming pool. At the end of the stay, all household linen (excluding bed covers) must be placed in front of the washing machine, sheets and towels separated into two separate piles.

Any stain or damage to the linen must be mentioned to the Owner. Laundry charges may apply. In the event of the discovery of unreported degradation, the Owner may invoice and/or deduct from the security deposit, the costs of replacing the degraded elements, at their replacement value without taking into account any wear and tear.


Barbecues can be made available during the stay. These must be cleaned before departure and the cold ashes put in a garbage bag. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide charcoal for the barbecue and to comply with the applicable standards, particularly in the event of restrictions due to periods of drought. 


Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties, including restrictions on access to the pool or to certain areas, damages or termination of the Rental Agreement without the right to reimbursement. The Customer undertakes, in his own name and that of his Companions, to respect these rules of procedure, which may be modified from time to time at the Owner’s discretion. Failure to comply with the obligations contained in these regulations may give rise to the immediate termination of the Contract at the sole judgment of the Owner without compensation or reimbursement to the Customer or his Companions and, if applicable, to damages for the benefit of the Owner. 


Please read the Departures appendix to find information on preparations before you leave the site.

On Arrival

Please read the On Arrival appendix to find your arrival information.


The invalidity of any provision herein does not automatically invalidate the rest of the terms and conditions or the Rental Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions and the Rental Agreement, the terms of the Rental Agreement shall control unless expressly provided otherwise. The Owner reserves the right to update the present at any time unilaterally without obligation of notification and the Customer undertakes to check the applicable conditions during his stay.


Use of the site facilities, including but not limited to the swimming pool, play areas, sports equipment etc, shall at all times be at the Customers own risk. The Customer accepts responsibility for supervising children at all times and undertakes to check the integrity of the materials made available before each use (this also applies to the items in the inventory mentioned in paragraph 9 above) .

The Owner shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure or temporary stoppage in the provision of site utilities nor for the failure or temporary stoppage of any equipment, plant, machinery or apparatus in the Property or the site facilities.

The Owner, however, will use its best efforts to repair or replace any equipment, installation, machinery or device that is defective or temporarily stopped within a reasonable time. The Owner shall not be liable to the Customer for the theft or loss of any property, personal effects or vehicle of the Customer or his companions during his stay, or for damage caused to the Customer or any member of the party (including guests non-resident if applicable) when using the Property, any part of the site or parking.


The owner will not be held liable if it is impossible to render all or part of the services due to an event of force majeure.


Standard booking: Standard terms and conditions for a booking of one or more gites, for one or more nights.

Daily: Reservation of one or more days, one or more cottages without sleeping accommodation. Arrival and departure times are more flexible and determined with the Owner and events may be authorized with the Owner’s agreement in the event of reservation of the entire site with access to the reception room.

Group: Reservation of the entire site for use by a group for one or more nights. Arrival and departure times are more flexible and determined with the Owner and events can be authorized with the Owner’s agreement with access to the function room. 50 beds maximum.

Large events: Same as group reservations but it is possible to accommodate additional guests not staying overnight. 50 beds maximum.

Applicable Law

The services and all related terms and conditions shall be governed by French law and the competence of the courts of Saintes, 17, France.


Additional games may be made available to the Customer or his Companions by the Owner upon request and subject to availability. Any game borrowed during your stay including, but not limited to: ping pong, table football, petanque, puck, molkee, darts, balls, racket etc must be stored and used with care. Any damage caused by the Customer or his Companions to the Additional Games must be compensated by the Customer to the Owner


In case of emergency you can contact the following numbers and if possible notify us in order to facilitate the assistance of the competent personnel:

112 – European telephone number
Le 15 – Samu (Medical emergency)
Le 17 – Police rescue / Gendarmerie (violence, assault, snatching, burglary, etc.).
Le 18 – Firefighters (fire, gas leak, risk of collapse, burns, electrocution, road accident, etc.)
Le 3237 – Duty pharmacy